In memory of

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

NameDeath Benefit NumberDate of Death
George Galan190312/26/2017
Robert Meyers190210/9/2017
Kenneth Pass190111/28/2017
James Kinney190011/24/2017
Edward Fallon18999/22/2017
Paul Ciolino  
Thomas E. Bonow18988/6/2017
Kenneth Kron18971/10/2017
Edward Arendt18958/24/2017
Edwynn Dunn18946/11/2017
Valentin Novinc18936/4/2017
Michael J. Vlasic18926/11/2017
Algis Matulis18916/2/2017
William Burger, Jr.18905/15/2017
Anthony Bernardi18894/26/2017
Anthony Zenari18884/8/2017
Jerry Yurczak18874/5/2017
Michael Dunford18864/1/2017
Ted Melcher18853/30/2017
Allan Schereck18843/18/2017
Glenn Haan18831/25/2017
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