IAM Journal – 2014 Year End Review

Page_1Dear Brothers and Sisters,

When our union celebrated its 125th anniversary of its founding in Atlanta in 1888, it was a time to reflect on how far we’ve come as a union and think about what we need to do to stay a strong and vibrant union well into the next 125 years.

One task is to ensure our members know how diverse our union has become, both in the types of members we have and the thousands of different jobs we do. That is the goal of this IAM Journal 2014 Year in Review.

It’s a snapshot of the activities of our union in 2014, such as our 93-year-old D-Day veteran still fighting for working families, organizing victories in the South and helping Delta Flight Attendants launch the largest ever airline employee organizing drive.

We are also looking ahead with examples of innovative organizing, protecting pensions, our commitment to education and our Young Machinists program to prepare our future activists and leaders.

We are a strong, progressive union with a global reach second to none in the labor movement. But there is much work to be done to stay strong, and we need every member to know more about their union and get involved as much as they can.

If we all do just a bit extra to help organize, to help pro-labor candidates get elected, to help run our local lodges, we can ensure we will be leaving the IAM in as good shape as those before left it for us.


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