IAM Journal – Summer 2018

Dear Members, Family and Friends,

I feel a renewed sense of purpose spreading across our union. We are joining together and standing strong; pushing back and demanding the respect our families deserve. The “fight” is back in the Fighting Machinists—and this is only the start.

While we look to the future, it is also important to reflect and learn from our past. This edition of the IAM Journal pays homage to the Machinists Union’s 130th anniversary. Our journey has taken us from a secret meeting in an Atlanta railyard to one of the most powerful voices for working people the world has ever seen.

From 1888 through today, our history has been shaped by men and women who dare to dream of a better life. Through it all, we have prevailed because we have been united. I know we can overcome any challenge we face today if members like yourself continue to step up and take an active role in our future.

The stories in the pages ahead illustrate the dedication, passion and spirit of our members. You will see how we are beating back an anti-union takeover in Missouri and how IAM bus mechanics in Massachusetts defied all the pundits to save their jobs. You will meet an IAM member in Texas who moves mountains to give back to his fellow military veterans and a longtime IAM activist who now fights for working people on his Washington state city council.

I hope you and your family are inspired as I am by these compelling stories. The Machinists Union has a great 130-year history. Thanks to all of you, that proud history is still being written.


Bob Martinez
International President

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