DL 19 Provides Railway Labor Act Training to Local Lodge 754

District Lodge 19 Assistant-to-the-PDGC/Educator Andrew Sandberg recently conducted a two-day training session for Local Lodge 754 representatives of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) in New York. The training introduced the 19 students to the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and the role that the labor-management relationship plays within the RLA.

“The training of our members in all railroad matters, especially those pertaining to the RLA, is a top priority for our district and the Transportation Department,” said DL 19 President John Lacey. “This initial class proved to be a success and the springboard for more sessions in the future.”
The Janus case, currently being heard by the Supreme Court, was the most challenging discussion the class had. The verdict could possibly change the role unions have in our country. This discussion led the students into exchanging ideas on how the IAM and its members should react if an unfavorable decision is rendered.
Members attended the class during their days off and were also shown several different methods on how to best access and use information from the internet to better ensure safe working conditions for their members. The training also included an overview of the IAM Constitution and the specific role each local representative in the class performs.
Since this inaugural class was well received and exceeded expectations, DL 19 will continue offering this training to all of its local lodges.

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