Help Needed for IAM Members Affected by Hurricane Florence

Just days after Florence slammed into the North Carolina coast, the monstrous stormā€™s havoc continues to spread across much of the eastern United States. With a toll of more than 30 lives lost and floodwaters rising, it will take months to assess the brunt of its impact.

Hurricane victims include Machinists Union members and they need help now in the recovery process. You can help your Brothers and Sisters by donating to the IAM Disaster Relief Fund today.

If you are an IAM member affected by the storm, you can apply for assistance from theĀ IAM Disaster Relief Fund here.

If youĀ participate in certain Union Plus programs, you may be eligible for financial assistance through theĀ Union Plus Disaster Relief Grant program.

IAM members can also receive confidential help through theĀ IAM Employee/Member Assistance Program. Services include assistance with addictions, mental health, stress, depression and financial hardship. You canĀ reach the confidential IAM AssistanceĀ Helpline by callingĀ 301-335-0735Ā or emailingĀ [email protected].

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