IAM CREST’s New Jersey Apprenticeship Program Secures $230K Grant

IAM CREST’s Youth Transition to Work Program received another year of grant funding starting September 1, 2018. The nearly $230,000 grant is from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. 

Since October 2009, IAM CREST and District 15 have worked together on the program, which is designed to help students make a successful transition from high school to jobs in the automotive and diesel technology fields. The program has seen consistent growth and today includes 52 young workers either in progress or completing their apprenticeships.

“District Lodge 15 and IAM CREST are proud of our continued success at helping high school seniors attain good paying union jobs with very specific career goals,” said IAM CREST Director Jim Reid. “It is encouraging to see that the state government is also supportive of training young people.”

“Recognizing that not everyone needs a college degree, apprenticeships leading to high skilled jobs is increasingly being cited as the wave of the future,” said IAM/Crest YTTW Coordinator/Program Manager Ira Stern. “We’re proud that the State of New Jersey recognizes this and the IAM is proud to partner with our shops to help train young people who could not otherwise afford private trade schools into these high skill truck and auto technician trades.”

The four-year apprenticeship program turns out highly skilled union technicians who go from earning approximately $10 per hour to the potential to earn $27 per hour or more upon completion. In addition to the funding from the state, the IAM partners with local trucking companies, automotive dealerships and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Click here for more information on the District 15 Youth Transition to Work Program apprenticeship program.

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