Machinists at Setco Agree to Another Three

If your office is a “Big Rig” or a heavy duty truck, then you know you are going to need a clutch that goes the distance. That’s where the IAM comes in. Machinist members from IAM Local Lodge 1387 who work at Setco Automotive (N.A.) Inc. in Paris, TN inspect and if needed, rework some of the best specialty clutches in the business and the workers are happy to report, they will be doing it for another three years. Assistant Directing Business Representative Mike Lee of District 711 was part of the team that brought home a good IAM Contract for the hard-working Machinists in this shop.

“This was a great committee and they worked together to make some hard decisions on this contract,” explained Lee. “They always had their members in mind with everything they do. They should be commended for their hard work and dedication to their Brothers and Sisters on the shop floor.”

The IAM members at Setco Automotive are charged with taking care of the LipeTM brand clutches which the company sells throughout North America. These are ceramic, pull-type clutches in standard sizes which makes for a better ride and less wear on the truck. A job the Machinist members are proud to do.

“Without trucks, the U.S.A. doesn’t move, so the job these Machinists do in a small town in Paris, TN has a big effect on this country. Some days we forget that it’s these types of manufactured products that allow the public the conveniences it enjoys. This country needs to start realizing that we owe the loyal IAM Members at places like Setco, and workers in shop around the globe, a debt of gratitude for the job they do,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin.

That sentiment is one the Union never forgets, especially at this table when negotiations became tense at times throughout the bargaining process. The negotiating team agreed to some tough changes to work rules and improving plant attendance, while the company accepted increases to wage and a reduction in health care costs to the worker. 

The new contract brings wage increases of 5 percent in the first year, and 3 percent in the following years. A reduction to the amount the employee pays for health care was made, bringing it down to 20 percent. 

“Health care costs are not something that’s going to leave any bargaining table, any time in the near future. We know that and so do our members. But companies need to remember it’s the workers on the shop floor who create profits for their business. The dedication and sweat that goes into any product made by an IAM member is what helps the company succeed. That’s something that needs to be recognized at all bargaining tables,” said District 711 Directing Business Representative Jerry Benson.


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