Martinez Appoints Williams as Education Representative

IAM International President Robert Martinez, Jr. has appointed Douglas Williams as an Education Representative at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD, effective August 1, 2018.

“I am proud to be able to fill the vacancy at the Winpisinger Center created by the retirement of Education Representative Greg Murray,” said Martinez. “Douglas is a community activist, an organizer, and an effective adult educator. He has been involved in a broad range of progressive causes and political campaigns. I know his knowledge will be put to immediate use to the benefit of our membership.”

Douglas served as a trustee for BCTGM Local 22 in Minneapolis. His most recent labor experience included service as both a department steward and co-chair of communications for the Graduate Employees Organizing Committee, AFT Local 6123, at Wayne State University in Detroit.

“Connecting our organizing efforts to the broader community is critical to our future,” said Winpisinger Center Director Chris Wagoner. “Douglas has been a community organizer; he has done that difficult work of building relationships with the community – to advance the interests of working people. That skill set and those experiences will strengthen the work at the Winpisinger Center. In addition to his practical experience in the field, he has an impressive academic record – in 2019 he will complete the requirements necessary to be awarded a Ph.D. from Wayne State University in Michigan. I am confident that Douglas will make an important and long lasting contribution to the work we do at the Harbor.”

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