Tell Your Senator: Say No to the Anti-Labor Secretary

The pressure being applied to President Trump’s Labor Secretary Nominee is working. The hearing for fast food CEO Andrew Puzder has been delayed for a forth time, and there are reports that he is considering dropping out of consideration for the cabinet position.

Click here to call or dial 1-866-829-3298 to tell your senator to oppose Andrew Puzder.

Andrew Puzder is no friend of labor. His anti-worker record could fill a book:

  • He’s railed against increasing the minimum wage and expanding overtime.
  • He’s shortchanged workers at his Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants and even refused to pay managers overtime they earned.
  • He’s talked about replacing working people with machines.

The Department of Labor directly touches the lives of all working people. It impacts our paychecks, safety in the workplace and our ability to exercise our legal rights on the job. With so much on the line, it’s vitally important that we make our voices heard.

Keep up the pressure and call your senator today.

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