IAM Journal – Winter 2017-2018

I’ve been listening closely as many of you share ideas on how to move our union in a new and better direction. I want you to know that this union has your back and we are taking action. Our union is growing stronger, bolder and more united.

You are standing up to companies that slash our wages and benefits and ship our jobs overseas. You are rallying against politicians attacking our union and all working people. Together we are taking on these fights and we are winning them-at the negotiating table, in Washington, DC and in state legislatures across the country. There is new life being breathed into our union.

The Winter 2017-2018 Journal is the beginning of another change. We are now producing and mailing two editions of the IAM Journal per year to the doorstep of every member in the United States. This Journal builds upon the rebranding we introduced this spring. It is fresh, forward-looking and showcases the diver­sity, talent, and drive of our membership.

We profile members who are joining together to grow our union from the ground up, take you inside an innovative campaign to organize for-hire drivers and show how we’re mobilizing an entire state against a corporate-funded power grab. It’s because of these stories and more that we should all be excited about the future of our union.

One only needs to look at how we’ve joined together to help thousands of Machinists Union members recovering from the hurricanes that have hit the South, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Thank you to volunteers from the Southern Territory and the Transportation Department who have been on the ground from the beginning-delivering supplies, serving hot meals and lending a hand in whatever way they can. Our response has been made possible by 1AM leadership in affected areas and your generous donations to the Disaster Relief Fund.

I hope you and your family enjoy this edition of the 1AM Journal. If you aren’t involved in your union already, I hope it inspires you to join the resurgence of our mighty Machinists Union. With your help, we will turn this rigged economy around and bring respect and dignity to every working man and woman.

Bob Martinez
International President 

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