An IAM Woman in a Man’s World

Ketchikan, AK resident and IAM Local 2202 member Kimberly Stone spends part of her time teaching ballet, but it is her full-time job at Alaska Airlines that has changed her life. Click here to read an article she wrote for her local’s newsletter.

“When I tell people I work for an airline in my home town of Ketchikan, most ask me if I’m a flight attendant or a customer service agent,” says Stone. “When I explain my role as a ramp agent, people are usually pretty surprised.”

At first, the challenges of loading and unloading the tons of cargo on each flight were a test of Stone’s physical abilities.

“My upper body strength began developing quickly because I pushed myself to meet the demands of the job,” says Stone. “This job showed me that I was capable of a much broader set of skills and because of this I decided to apply to be a volunteer firefighter at our local fire department.”

READ: “A Woman in a Man’s World” in Local 2202’s newsletter.

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