Take a Stand Against Attacks on Health Care

The new Congress is off and running, and IAM members are closely watching legislation that affects working families. 

At a time when the United States remains the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all as a right, the Republicans want to end the Affordable Care Act (ACA), throw nearly 30 million people off of health insurance and make massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. At the same time, in the midst of a grotesque and growing level of income and wealth inequality, they want obscene tax breaks for the top one-tenth of 1 percent.

Our message is simple and straight forward. You are not going to get away with it. You are not going to punish working people, the elderly, disabled veterans, children, the sick and the poor while you reward your billionaire friends.

On Sunday, January 15, members of Congress, trade unions, senior groups, health care activists and all those who believe in economic and social justice are organizing a day of action called “Our First Stand: Save Health Care.” More than 35 rallies will be held in communities around the country.

We want IAM members to be a strong presence. Click here to find a First Stand Rally near you.

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